Make Disciples

Coming Soon in June of 2020!

Note: The Make Disciples Visitor Plugin works only on WordPress sites. If you do not have a WordPress site this plugin will not work!

Many Orthodox websites do not have a site that would be considered “visitor friendly”. The sites are designed for their parish and their parish only. However, a visitor to your site is likely to check out your website prior to coming to your parish.

The Make Disciples Visitor Plugin is designed to make any WordPress parish website an inviting place to let them know about basic things like parking and what to expect at a service, as well as overwhelm them with bits size articles about the faith as well as videos and podcasts.

The plugin comes preloaded with articles from, videos from popular YouTube channels like Theoria and Be the Bee, as well as podcasts from Ancient Faith Radio.

The preloaded resources are just “suggestions”. The plugin provides a framework to meet the needs of your community. You are in full control of what is displayed. All of these articles, videos, and podcasts can be removed at your discretion and you can add any resource that you see fit.

After installing the plugin, a Visitor section will be created on your site. A link in your main navigation will also be created titled, “Visitors”. The visitor section will be have information about what to expect at a service as well as directions. A section will also be created with resources to learn more about the faith.

With one plugin yo will instantly be equipped to evangelize your local website visitors!