Coming Soon in January 2021!

Social media is the new mission field!

Besides just websites, we here at BOTH/AND believe social media mission field is ripe for the harvest, but is something our parishes are woefully absent in. Social media allows us to reach people in our local community.

There are complex ways to do so and their are simple ways to do so. You can spend thousands a month or as little as a dollar a day. In fact, there are small, effective programs you can do for free and it only takes your time.

Here at BOTH/AND we will show you the various ways, that I have personally tested and found significant results. We will guide you.

We will offer both the complex campaigns and the simple campaigns in a simple package that takes the guess work out of it.

We plan to provide packages that you can do yourself and the methods to do so. We will also provide supplemental packages, that for a fee, we will do for your parish. We will provide the option to manage your social media campaigns.