About Us

BOTH/AND Webdesign is a web firm focused on Orthodox websites.

BOTH/AND is a two person organization led by Kenny Scott with the help of a very understanding wife, Laura. Kenny has been designing websites since 2007. He has designed small RV park sites and has designed large city government sites. His focus has been and will always be on the user.

Kenny was baptized into the Orthodox church in 2010. Since then he devoted much of his personal time to Orthodox evangelism in the digital world via websites and social media.

Each website designed at BOTH/AND is meant to serve the parishioners of their parish as well as create an environment for visitors to get lost in the beauty of the Orthodox faith with the ultimate goal of visitors to your site becoming guests at your parish.

BOTH/AND does not stop with websites. Soon we will have various social media campaigns that will fit any budget.

But what happens when people do visit you parish? BOTH/AND hopes to provide resources for you so that you no longer have to “reinvent the wheel”.

The desire of BOTH/AND is to make the beauty of the Orthodox faith known in the American sphere through the craft of webdesign and social media.